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Asista | Self-Service | KB Personalization

KB Personalization

Asista helps you empower your customers with a flexible knowledge base (KB). Give your customers a personalized, support experience and the power to find simple solutions on their own with a personalized KB. Customize your KB to match your brand or to be an extension of your support portal.  Asista imposes no restrictions on your KB – use HTML or pictures to make each article more elaborate and meaningful. Articles that form your KB can further be optimized for search engines, making it easy for your customers to find the information they need even when they are outside your customer service operations software.

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Easy KB Management

A well-designed and well-structured knowledge base can be the answer to a lot of your customer support woes. Asista comes to the rescue by helping you setup and integrate a KB to your support portal, where you can easily insert manuals, technical documentations, guides and FAQs. Additionally, support solutions from your help desk may also be integrated and arranged methodically. Resolved requests thereby form part of your knowledge base, empowering customers with solutions as they are found. Simple arrangement of your KB also makes it easier for your customers to search for information if they are unsure of where to find it.