Safeguard Social Reputation

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Asista | Multi channel engagement | Social Channel

Social Connect – Facebook & Twitter

With a large section of online users going social, Asista has decided to go social too! Asista’s social approach helps you maintain your online reputation by monitoring feedback, queries and concerns about your business on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Business-related posts or tweets are automatically converted to requests within Asista. In turn, any updates to these requests are automatically reflected as comments on Facebook or Twitter. The end result? Your users enjoy an all-encompassing service experience. Additionally, your business maintains it good repute in today’s highly-competitive business environment by getting an edge ahead of others.

Asista | Multi channel engagement | Email Channel

Email Connect

Despite the advent of alternate forms of communication, e-mails still are a preferred form of business communication. Asista not just engages with your customers, but also listens to e-mail boxes and makes it easier for your customers to get talking with you. To illustrate, simply provide your primary e-mail address(es) such as or to the your prospective customers for further communication. Any e-mails sent to these mailboxes are automatically converted into requests within Asista. These requests, in turn, can be prioritized, assigned and tracked until closure. From your customers’ side, though, all that is needed to reach out to you is an e-mail.