Process Automation

Process automation not only eases repetitive tasks but helps to improve work efficiency as well



Asista | Multi channel engagement | Categorize Requests

Categorize Requests

All businesses are not the same and Asista caters to your organization’s specific verbiage with custom categories. Easy to define, these custom categories are useful to better organize your customers’ requests so that they can easily choose the type of request they are initiating in Asista. For example, a sales-related query is automatically diverted to the sales team and a support request to the support team. This categorizing of requests helps your agents or support team to easily identify the requests’ nature and handle them accordingly. Additionally, pre-defined process automations can be attached to custom categories, ensuring that the right support person handles the request.

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Adaptable Workflow

Make Asista adapt to your business’ support and operations processes with its fully-customizable, multi-workflow capability. Asista’s workflow is flexible and is enriched with completely-customizable States that let you control exactly how you engage with your customers with our customer service software for business. In simple terms, Asista makes it easy to automate your departmental operation process and your support process and bring them together on a single platform. With no restriction on the number of workflows you can customize, and fine-tuned controls within states and workflows, Asista helps you ensure well-controlled flow of processes for more efficient internal and external management.

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Productivity Tools

Automation eases repetitive tasks, saves time and money, and increases your agents’ and support staff’s efficiency. With focus on internal and external customer satisfaction, quick turnaround and complete solutions, Asista enhances productivity with better request management. For example, you can make requests more meaningful with enriched data, automatically allocate requests to someone who can resolve the problem better and send a special notification to all involved, among other productivity-enhancing tasks. Packed with loads of actionable intelligence, Asista’s automation capability helps increase your agents’ productivity, resulting in cost-effectiveness and efficient support operations for your organization, helping you satisfy and retain customers.

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App Integration

Bring your business and Asista together with our well-documented, easy-to-use, general-purpose integration API. Our API makes it simple to feed your business software, messaging tools, or any other general software with specific information of your choice, straight from Asista. Business software such as SAP, or messaging software such as Slack can be complemented with our customer service operations software’s information on requests, customers and assets, enriching your customers’ support experience. API integration makes it simple to stay connected to your customers at all times and engage with them on a platform of their own choice, even while on the move.

Asista | Process Automation | Friendly Labels

Friendly Labels

Asista goes beyond being just a customer service automation software – it is a user-friendly system too! The option to set friendly labels makes your customer engagement platform blend with your business entities and match your existing, standard naming conventions or terminology. For example, you can easily customize the labels and headers in your request form and provide a prefix or suffix to specific requests to easily identify them. Additionally, you may choose to provide request states and request categories with custom names and even have additional custom fields for requests and assets to get more information on an issue or request.

Asista | Process Automation | Service Assurance | SLA

Service Assurance

Asista builds and maintains your brand’s reliability and reputation with your customers and clients with its Service Assurance feature that allows you to stand and deliver your SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with confidence. You can set Service Levels, such as response time and resolution time of tickets for every type of request, and even automate actions that are to be carried out before and after a request breaches service agreements. An example of these actions would be reminder emails and escalation of the issue. Additionally, multiple SLAs can be defined to provide different care for different types of requests and users.