Cross-functional Collaboration

A strong team and active collaboration within it is key to successful customer engagement and issue resolutions



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User-Centric Support

Asista loves your customers as much as you do. Our extra-intelligent customer service automation software helps you offer pro-active and efficient support with features such as User Identification and Special Priority Status that help you focus on individual users who need more privileged and focused support. Additionally, Asista’s user-centric Information Management and Collaboration, helps you not just provide support but empower customers with information that encourages self-support. With the focus being on users, your customers are more likely to be satisfied with their support experience. Satisfied customers, in turn, promote brand loyalty, which leads to better brand visibility and growth.

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Asset-Centric Support

Manage your organization’s tangible and intangible assets efficiently with Asista’s simple, intelligent, asset-centric support features. From logging and maintaining your company’s assets, down to linking it with pertinent customer issues, Asista provides you with a flexible platform on which to manage users and assets, and provide support in their correlation to each other. With support for internal and client-based asset management, Asista helps you carry out intelligent, asset-based tasks:

    • Categorizing Assets
    • Customizing Asset Fields
    • Assigning Assets to Specific Users
    • Asset Based Request Generation
    • Automation Based on Asset Type
    • Information Tracking Using Linked Ticket History
    •  CTI (Category/Type/Item) Support with CTI based filtering
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Asista understands that your brand is the face of your business! Re-brand your customer engagement software interface to blend with your brand. With simple control over your preferred color schemes and design, Asista lets you give your customers a seamless support experience, while maintaining your brand’s look and feel. Our efficient customer service operations software lets you personalize additional features such as your welcome message, anonymous request creation with secured captcha, customizable portal name and search box title, and personalized time-zone for each user. Providing your customers with a personalized support experience at every turn keeps your brand in focus.