Multi-Channel Messaging

Engage and retain your existing customers with real-time communication using our futuristic Communication Platform as a Service that includes push notification platforms service, ios push notification services, smart notifications services in bangalore and multi channel notification services in bangalore

Embrace Real-Time Communication!

Simplify Customer Communication with our Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS).

Engage and retain your existing customers with real-time communication using our futuristic CPaaS. Integrate it with your business application to broadcast real-time communications over Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Slack, as well as push notifications to Android and iOS devices, all at one time.

What Do We Have?

One real challenge with customer engagement is the lack of transparency and real-time communication of updates, statuses and information. Customers do not like to visit or log into a website, application or platform to keep up-to-date with the latest data.

Here is where we intervene! Our futuristic CPaaS is designed to help you have real-time communication with your customers.

What Can You Do With It?

Using the CPaaS you can configure:

What to communicate

Events, Updates, Offers, Statuses or Other Information

When to communicate

Create triggers or events for One-time or Recurring real-time communication

Where to communicate

Choose ALL or only a few of the these communication channels - Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and push notifications to Android and iOS Apps.

real time customer engagement solutions

How Can Real-Time Communication Help You?

Higher customer engagement results in happier, loyal customers.
Reengaged customers improve cross-sell and upsell of your products and services.
Timely communication results in reduction of customer queries and promotes self-service more.

Features of the CPaaS

Push Notifications

Keep your customers informed of latest events, updates and real-time information even if they are not actively using your mobile application, with Push Notifications Platform Service (ios push notification service, smart notifications services in bangalore, multi channel notification services in bangalore). Send bulk notifications to your Android & iOS applications, and even customize them for specific customers.

Send transactional, informational and notification emails with our cloud-based Email Communication service. With this reliable and cost-effective service, you can create rules to automate the delivery of emails ensuring that you do not miss out on engaging your customers.

Reach out to your customers where they are – specifically via SMS. Our SMS Communication service allows you to create SMS with dynamic content such as Deep Links, and provide specific rules and event triggers to automate sending of SMSes to your customers.

Use your existing social media channels, namely Facebook, Twitter and Slack, to communicate with your customers over these platforms. Simply configure your social media accounts on our CPaaS and provide the needed accesses to discover a lighting fast communication medium.

Logger is designed to collect and store all your business applications’ data under one platform. Using Logger you can store all your customer communications, as well as other relevant data that you would like to use in the future. Logger can provide you a single view of your real-time data, allowing you to effectively monitor or process it and carry out meaningful decisions or actions.

Let us help you engage your customers with real time customer engagement solutions. Get Asista Today!

What is Communication Feature of Asista?

Asista is a provider of smart notifications services in bangalore and multi channel notification services in bangalore.
Asista's communication feature includes a CPaaS which is a push notification platforms service that allows for android push notification services and ios push notification services.