Self Service

Automated suggestions and knowledgebase helps customers find solutions easily



Asista | Process Automation | Automated Suggestions

Automated Suggestions

Asista taps into the power of automated suggestions and provides the customer with a list of articles as possible solutions, based on what they type while creating a ticket. This helps in decreasing the resolution time and volume of issues, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Asista | Self-Service | KB Personalization

KB Personalization

With KB Personalization capabilities, Asista can help you provide a personalized support experience to your customers. You can customize your Knowledge-base to match your business’ brand or be an extension of your support portal. The articles inserted into the Knowledge-base can be customized too with HTML and pictures. Additionally, the articles can be optimized for search engines, so that your customers can easily find information from your Knowledge-base even outside your support portal.

Asista | Self-Service | Easy KB Updation

Easy KB Updation

A well-designed and well-structured Knowledge-base can be the answer to a lot of your customer support worries. Asista can help you to setup and integrate a Knowledge-base to your support portal, where you can easily insert manuals, technical documentations, how-tos, FAQs and even support solutions from the help-desk, and arrange them in a systematically so that your customers can search for information quickly.