Cross-functional Collaboration

A strong team and active collaboration within it is key to successful customer engagement and issue resolutions



Asista | Cross-functional Collaboration | Team Collaboration

User-Centric Support

Asista’s extra intelligent User Identification and Special Priority Status feature ensures privileged support to users’ issues, enabling you to focus on each user individually. Our user-centric Information Management and Collaboration enables effective support to users and brings rich customer experience, helping keep your customer loyal to you.

Asista | Cross-functional Collaboration | Asset-based Support

Asset-Centric Support

Asset-centric support by Asista provides easy internal and client based asset management. With Asista, you can carry out asset based intelligent tasks such as:

  • Categorizing Assets
  • Customizing Asset Fields
  • Assigning Assets to Specific Users
  • Asset Based Request Generation
  • Automation Based on Asset Type
  • Information Tracking Using Linked Ticket History
Asista | Cross-functional Collaboration | Personalization


Asista allows you to re-brand the interface based on your preferred colour schemes and design. Additional features such as a personalized welcome message, anonymous request creation with secured captcha, customizable portal name and search box title, and personalized time-zone for each users give you the advantage of enhanced personalization.