Customer Support


A single software that has everything you need to seamlessly handle all types of business assistance.

Asista | Cross-functional Collaboration | Team Collaboration

User-Centric Support

Asista’s extra intelligent User Identification and Special Priority Status feature ensures privileged support to users’ issues, enabling you to focus on each user individually. Our user-centric Information Management and Collaboration enables effective support to users and brings rich customer experience, helping keep your customer loyal to you.

Asista | Cross-functional Collaboration | Asset-based Support

Asset-Centric Support

Asset-centric support by Asista provides easy internal and client based asset management. With Asista, you can carry out asset based intelligent tasks such as:

  • Categorizing Assets
  • Customizing Asset Fields
  • Assigning Assets to Specific Users
  • Asset Based Request Generation
  • Automation Based on Asset Type
  • Information Tracking Using Linked Ticket History
Asista | Cross-functional Collaboration | Personalization


Asista allows you to re-brand the interface based on your preferred colour schemes and design. Additional features such as a personalized welcome message, anonymous request creation with secured captcha, customizable portal name and search box title, and personalized time-zone for each users give you the advantage of enhanced personalization.

Asista | Multi channel engagement | Social Channel

Social Connect – Facebook & Twitter

In today’s highly competitive business environment, Asista’s social-focused approach helps you maintain your social reputation by monitoring feedback, queries and concerns on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. Posts or tweets related to your business will be automatically converted to requests on the system, and any updates on the requests will automatically reflect as comments on Facebook or Twitter, giving your customers a seamless experience.

Asista | Multi channel engagement | Email Channel

Email Connect

Email still remains relevant and an effective medium for communication. Asista listens to email boxes and helps your customers to communicate with you. For eg., you can provide or to the your prospective customers for further communication, and any emails to these boxes are converted into requests on Asista, and tracked till its closure. These emails can be prioritized based on specific criteria and assigned to the right support team.

Asista | Multi channel engagement | Categorize Requests

Categorize Requests

Define custom categories for your customers’ requests, so that they can choose the type of request they are initiating in Asista. For eg., a sales related query is automatically diverted to the sales team and a support request to the support team. This categorizing of requests helps your agents or support team to easily identify the requests’ nature and handle them accordingly, or pre-defined process automations can be attached to the categories ensuring that the right support person handles the request.

Asista | Process Automation | Adaptable Workflow

Adaptable Workflow

Asista’s fully customizable multi-workflow capability can help you to mould the system according to your business, support and operation process. The Workflow flexibility is enriched with completely customizable STATE’s in Asista. To simply put, you can automate your CRM process and support process in a single platform. Asista gives you the flexibility to customize as many workflows as you need, and fine grained controls are established within the STATE and workflow in order to ensure well controlled flow of processes.

Asista | Process Automation | Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools

Automation not only eases repetitive tasks, but also adds to the efficiency of your agents who support your internal & external customers. Asista can enrich the data of the requests, allocate it automatically to someone who can resolve the problem better, send a special notification to interested parties, and carry out many other such tasks. Packed with lots of actionable intelligence, Asista’s automation capability can increase the productivity of agents resulting in cost-effectiveness and efficient support operations for an organization.

Asista | Process Automation | App Integration

App Integration

Feed your business software, messaging tools, or any other general software with information from Asista with the help of Asista’s general-purpose integration API. Business software such as SAP, or messaging software like Slack can be complemented with Asista’s information on requests, customers and assets. Using this feature, you can always be connected with your customers and engage with them on a platform of your own choice, even when on the move.

Asista | Process Automation | Friendly Labels

Friendly Labels

Asista is a user-friendly system and allows you to set friendly labels to various entities to match it with the standard naming convention or terminology that you use in your business. You can customize the ticket form labels or headers, provide a prefix or suffix to specific tickets to easily identify them, give custom names to ticket states and ticket categories, and even have additional custom fields for tickets and assets to get more information on an issue or request.

Asista | Process Automation | Service Assurance | SLA

Service Assurance

Asista’s Service Assurance feature allows you to stand and deliver your SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with confidence, and build the trust of your customers. You can set Service Levels, such as response time and resolution time of tickets for every type of ticket, and even automate actions to carry out before and after a ticket breaches service agreements, such as reminder emails and escalation of the issue. Additionally, multiple SLAs can be defined to provide different care for different types of tickets and users.

Asista | Process Automation | Automated Suggestions

Automated Suggestions

Asista taps into the power of automated suggestions and provides the customer with a list of articles as possible solutions, based on what they type while creating a ticket. This helps in decreasing the resolution time and volume of issues, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Asista | Self-Service | KB Personalization

KB Personalization

With KB Personalization capabilities, Asista can help you provide a personalized support experience to your customers. You can customize your Knowledge-base to match your business’ brand or be an extension of your support portal. The articles inserted into the Knowledge-base can be customized too with HTML and pictures. Additionally, the articles can be optimized for search engines, so that your customers can easily find information from your Knowledge-base even outside your support portal.

Asista | Self-Service | Easy KB Updation

Easy KB Updation

A well-designed and well-structured Knowledge-base can be the answer to a lot of your customer support worries. Asista can help you to setup and integrate a Knowledge-base to your support portal, where you can easily insert manuals, technical documentations, how-tos, FAQs and even support solutions from the help-desk, and arrange them in a systematically so that your customers can search for information quickly.

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Location Intelligence

Link your assets and employees with location in a unique way using GPS and Beacon technologies. Asista uses the latest location identification technologies to help you keep a track of your valuable business assets such as support agents. Using Beacons that leverages the Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology, you can pinpoint the exact real-time location of your assets, thereby adding intelligence to your asset in tracking and automations.

Asista | IOT Enabled

IoT Enabled

Using the power of IoT, your business assets or machines can now directly report its health or seek attention by talking to Asista without any human intervention. This helps you to be proactive in providing support and the needed care to keep your machines in top-notch condition.

Asista | Trust | Availability


Asista, being a cloud-based system, gives you the assurance of uninterrupted and seamless performance, even during peak hours. You can depend on Asista to deliver highest up-time performance every-time, irrespective of the level of traffic on your support portal.

Asista | Trust | Scalability


Asista is backed up with well-distributed content delivery network and a global framework allowing it to accommodate any level and nature of scaling. So if you are thinking of scaling at a rapid rate or are hiring remote workers from across the globe, Asista is equipped to guarantee you high performance always. Additionally, your remote workers can easily access the system from anywhere on any device.

Asista | Trust | Secured and reliable customer engagement


Security is an important concern to us just as it is to you. We understand how valuable your data is, and have taken the necessary precautions to meet regulatory requirements to protect your data. With SSL encrypted servers, single sign on feature, automatic software bug fixes and upgrades, and redundant backups, you can be sure that your data is in safe hands while on-the-move and on-rest.