Customer Support


A single software that has everything you need to seamlessly handle all types of business assistance.


Put your knowledge to good use with self-service features such as Knowledge Base and FAQs. With these, you can empower your customers to quickly resolve issues on their own, as well as improve your customer service efficiency with faster resolution of their requests.

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Safeguard Social Reputation

Asista’s social channel-focused support capabilities help you acquire a panoramic view of your customers’ interactions across various platforms, such as social media channels and websites. This enables you to lend an ear to each one of them, ensuring you safeguard your social reputation.

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We’re here for you every step of the way, right from inception to the time you scale up to new heights. With guaranteed 99.99% uptime and Fort Knox like security, you get the complete freedom to expand without worrying about the system’s performance.

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Process Automation

Asista is intelligent. It can handle the recurring tasks of your unique business processes on its own without any need for human interaction, leaving you ample time to focus on other customer-satisfaction activities. Asista’s Process Automation feature lets you define automated actions on incoming tickets and during different stages of the ticket based on specific criteria.

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