Customer engagement management software / consumer engagement platform / Customer engagement software for conversion, communication and customer support
Asista - Customer Engagement Software | Conversation, Communication, Customer Support
Collaborate and communicate using our seamless customer engagement management software that adds value to your business, bringing your customers and teams together.
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Discover Proactive Customer Engagement with AI Chat Bots. Chat Bots can help you begin relevant, real-time & engaging conversations, respond with consistent and accurate information, provide instant resolutions, and retain your customers on your website longer. You can automate how you support, sell and market to your customers!

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Engage and retain your existing customers with real-time communication using our futuristic Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS). Integrate it with your business application to broadcast real-time communications over Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Slack, as well as push notifications to Android and iOS devices, all at one time.

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Cross Functional Collaboration

Customers are happy when they get a single window to interact for all their needs. However, it requires real-time and swift collaboration between various stakeholders within the organization. With Asista you can double your customers’ satisfaction by making your team collaborate easier and faster. Asista allows for designated teams to work together directly on customer requests, thereby saving time that would have otherwise been lost.

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Let us help you engage your customers with real time customer engagement solutions. Get Asista Today!

What is Asista?

Simply put Asista is a customer engagement software designed to be cross-functional, collaborative & socially-intelligent. With this consumer engagement platform you can simplify your business processes and bridge the gap between your teams, customers and assets.
Asista is built with a singular thought of making the largely multi-dimensional task of assistance simple! We are customer engagement solution providers with real time customer engagement solutions.